Mobility – everyday event in your life!!


Mobility – everyday event in your life!!

Alright BCF, we are seeing lots of mobility issues on a regular basis. There are 2 options:

  • athletes start dedicating to doing more mobility before and after WODs
  • we’ll use more time during the WOD for mobility (which will leave us less time for strength, long metcons and skill work)

We designed the box with the mobility area so that you had room to do mobility while a WOD was going on, please take advantage of this! Probably the best mobility resources are ROMWOD and (you now have to pay for this, but lots of his free videos here: We have daily recommended mobility on the mobility board in our warm-up area as well as K-Star’s mobility book Supple Leopard, use these resources! Also, attend all mobility seminars and ask coaches and other athletes how to do mobility work.

Hips and thoracic spine:

Rack position:

Pecs, lats and shoulders:

Forearms and wrists: