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Get Started

  • The Foundations course is our beginner's class and is designed to prepare individuals who are new to the CrossFit movements for our ongoing CrossFit group classes (WOD's). Foundations consists of 6 sessions, 3x per week over 2 weeks (note - it is ok to miss 1 of the 6 classes). These training classes have a low coach to student ratio to ensure that students learn the correct techniques for the CrossFit movements. You can enroll in our next scheduled Foundations program or you can arrange private Foundations with a coach during a time that best meets your needs. Attendance at each session is essential in obtaining the skills necessary for our daily WOD's. Movement techniques will be drilled into, as well as a progressive introduction to the intensity levels that are inherent in our WOD's. If you are unsure as to whether you are a good candidate for beginning in a class setting, please contact us to discuss.

    Current Foundations schedule: See dates and times at the bottom of this page where you can register for Foundations at Ballston CrossFit.

  • After successful completion of Foundations, you are now able to enroll in the group CrossFit WOD Classes. Here, you will compete for rounds, time, points, and glory on a daily basis. Playing games and learning new skills are also a huge part of the group classes. Build strong relationships with peers and have fun working out with your new friends! Group classes are designed to be like sport. As such, the environment will be one of motivation, encouragement, and competition. Classes are run as follows (please do everything you can to show up on time!)

    Group WOD Class 1 Hour Breakdown:

    • 0-5 minutes – general warm-up
    • 5-15 minutes – WOD specific warm-up/skill instruction
    • 15-55 minutes – daily WOD (strength and/or metcon)
    • 55-60 minutes – cool down

  • Membership package and options:

    Platinum Membership: unlimited monthly CF training and 4 yoga classes per month = as low as $8/class Gold Membership: 13 CF classes and 4 yoga classes per month = as low as $10/class
    Membership is available with a 3, 6 or 12 month contracts (Click here to review the Membership Agreement)

    *All fees listed above are for ACH recurring payments. **Prior to signing up for monthly membership plans, all members are required to have completed a CrossFit Foundations course. This course includes 6 training sessions and workouts that teach you the fundamentals necessary to safely and effectively join the regular CrossFit classes.

    Drop-In: $20 cash (limited to experienced CrossFitters visiting Arlington - please e-mail [email protected] to notify us you'll be dropping in)

    We know there are cheaper gyms down the street. We do not compete on cost…we compete on quality. Period. Quality Staff. Quality Training. Quality Results. Quality Community. Feel free to shop the bargain bins of fitness before you visit Ballston CrossFit so you understand the difference. If you want to look and perform like $64.95 a month…well, then head down the street. Our program provides personal training and coaching (along with a unique level of competition and camraderie with other members) for less than it would cost at a typical commercial gym and you will gain much better results. If your goal is participating in the best fitness program on earth and getting in the best shape of your life, then you have found the right place (just talk to your friends who love CrossFit)!

    Come experience the difference at one of our free classes, you will feel the difference after just one workout! When you come in we will not try to give you a sales pitch or talk you into anything. Our product is good enough that it will sell itself – no one does Elite Fitness better than us – we’ve proven it numerous times. We look forward to seeing you and sharing our love of fitness with you!