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Foundations Course

The Foundations course is our beginner’s class and is designed to prepare individuals who are new to the CrossFit movements for our ongoing CrossFit group classes (WODs). Foundations consists of 6 sessions, 3x per week over 2 weeks (note – it is ok to miss 1 of the 6 classes). These training classes have a low coach to student ratio to ensure that students learn the correct techniques for the CrossFit movements.

You can enroll in our next scheduled Foundations program or you can arrange private Foundations with a coach during a time that best meets your needs. Attendance at each session is essential in obtaining the skills necessary for our daily WODs. Movement techniques will be drilled into, as well as a progressive introduction to the intensity levels that are inherent in our WODs. If you are unsure as to whether you are a good candidate for beginning in a class setting, please contact us to discuss.

Current Foundations schedule: Click the button below to see dates and times where you can register for Foundations at Ballston CrossFit.


Step 2

Start Group Classes

After successful completion of CrossFit Foundations, you are now able to enroll in the group CrossFit Classes (our Workout of the Day). All group classes are led by excellent coaches who will lead you on your journey to improve your fitness.

These classes will provide an environment of motivation, encouragement, and friendly competition with your new friends you’ll meet at the gym. Have fun, get fit and live your best life at BCF!

*All membership fee pricing is for ACH recurring payments. (We accept credit cards payments over the phone for a 5% surcharge)

**Prior to signing up for monthly membership plans, all members are required to complete a CrossFit Foundations course or Foundations Test-out if they have prior CF experience.

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