Gregg Rockett


Gregg Rockett

I have been active all my life.  I was an accomplished wrestler in grade school and high school.  Then I turned to running mid- to long-distances after college.  I have run in approximately 50 competitive races, with about a dozen of 10 miles or more (3 half marathons).  I turned to long-distance biking about 15 years ago and have competed in a few Gran Fondo races, the longest being a 75-mile climb from Vancouver to Whistler.  Recently, I have completed a few sprint triathlons, which has been a nice challenge.

But as I was approaching 60, I felt like I needed to shake things up and shock my body into being more fit.  I have never really done high-intensity training, nor extensive weightlifting, but thought that the CrossFit path would be a good change to my exercise regime. The sign on Glebe Road advertising the free Saturday WOD caught my attention, and I showed up for a session.

Before joining BCF a little more than a year ago, I did not know a burpee from a box jump from a double under.  Now that I do, it doesn’t mean I have to like them, but I am getting better at each.  My technique in weight training is also better and each month I feel my endurance and mobility are improving.  I am also going beyond just trying to complete the WODs and challenging myself to reach PRs and attempt Rx level routines.

My motivation comes from the encouragement of the coaches, as well as the enthusiasm shown by my fellow BCF members. I have some challenging goals for 2023, including completing a new weight training PR each month, attempting at least one Rx WOD every other month, and finding the technique to string together 30 double-unders uninterrupted.