Stephanie Gonzalez


Stephanie Gonzalez

How did you find out about Ballston CrossFit and what about it convinced you to join? 

I discovered BCF via Google search. Ballston CrossFit was voted as best CF locally and its proximity to my apartment was what initially made me reach out. I reached out to Tucker and after a 1:1 session we would gauge how much of the CF standards I was able to complete successfully.  He was patient, and was as excited that I was able to pick it right up.  He gave great direction and at one point said I was “very coachable”, which meant a lot. Meeting the coaches at my first few classes and the friendliness of the members was really the key to my desire to fully commit to BCF.

When did you start at BCF and what were your goals going into it? 

I started July 2022.  My initial goals were to lose weight, decrease body fat (BMI) and increase muscle mass, and to seriously improve my health overall.  I have a family history of diabetes and it is important to me to be as healthy as I can possibly be. 

What has helped you achieve success at BCF?  

The coaches are great, so helpful and knowledgeable, fun, and caring.  They notice your progress and improvements, even when you think no one does.  After one class recently, a coach said to me “Hey Steph” and made an hourglass motion with her hands and said “looking good”.  I almost cried, as I have lost 20 lbs and was so happy someone noticed.  It was a great feeling. Getting “fist bumps” on SugarWOD is pretty awesome too.

What advice can you give to others that are new to CrossFit?  

KEEP AT IT!! DO NOT QUIT!!  Scaling part of the workout is never, ever a bad thing or something to be embarrassed about.  

Besides working out, what other lifestyle changes did you make outside of the gym to achieve your goals?

Changing my eating habits, tracking macros, drinking enough water, rest days, and getting enough sleep. 

What has been your favorite thing about Ballston CrossFit? 

Where do I start??  Tucker is great, his initial meeting with me was instrumental in my decision.  The coaches are wonderful, funny, engaging and do not let me “sandbag” the weights LOL!!  Knowing there are members I connect with who help keep me accountable, we share and celebrate our progress, and give encouragement to one another.