Faith Breads


Faith Breads

It’s always nice when our athletes make their fitness functional. Faith used CrossFit to help train for her marathon. Not only did she PR her marathon time by 39 minutes, she also maintained consistency in coming to CrossFit. Here’s what she had to say about the experience:

When I ran my first marathon in April of 2022, I just wanted to finish. I ended up running a 4:14 in Nashville, and though I had completed my goal of finishing, I was completely humbled by the experience. I hit the notorious “wall” at mile 20, decided to walk a quarter mile (worst mistake), and then really had to dig deep to get myself to run at all in the final few miles. After the race, I felt fueled by the breakdown. I knew I wanted to come back stronger and faster, and truly “race” the distance instead of just trying to make it to the finish line. BCF was a huge part in making that happen! 

Unlike my first marathon, I embraced CrossFit as part of my training as opposed to shying away from it. In fact, I even competed in my first competition, the Scaled Comp at CrossFit Route 7, throughout my training cycle! Continuing to train at BCF helped me build strength, speed, but also the community I needed to stay engaged and motivated. I’d constantly be asked how my training was going by coaches and my other BCF pals, and many of them offered to run with me throughout my training. Huge shoutout to Paul F. for running with me after work in D.C. and for Swoo for waking up for those early Saturday runs. In helping me training, Swoo even accomplished a neat feat of his own – running the longest distance he’s ever ran at 8 miles! It’s amazing to have a community that really wants to help you succeed in the gym and beyond.

I felt stronger and faster in every sense during my second marathon this past October in Atlantic City, racing it in 3:36. THANK YOU to everyone at BCF who supported me along the way. It truly means a lot!