Ballston CrossFit » Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Free Class tonight at 6:30 pm! Continue to spread the word and invite your friends, family, and coworkers! All levels of fitness welcome.


Thursday, March 17, 2016: Celebrate St. Patty’s Day post-WOD at Booeymongers! Pitchers of beer are cheap and the distance cannot be beat!


Tempo Deadlifts:
3 x 5 (A @ 65-70%)

0 count Concentric -0 count Paused at top/bottom–3 count eccentric (on the way down)


15 Hang power cleans 115/80 FX: 95/65
15 HSPU FX: HR Push ups
30 Double unders


Finisher: handstand walk practice

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