Thursday, August 24, 2017


Thursday, August 24, 2017

Coach Claire is being promoted to Head Coach at BCF!
Over the past 1.5 years, Coach Claire has completely earned my trust in her coaching and leadership ability. She pours her heart into being the best coach possible, gives 100% to our awesome community, and has been instrumental in developing our coaching team by leading coaches practice sessions and evaluating coaches/interns. Oh, and she can crush any WOD you throw at her! I have been so impressed by her development as a coach and I was honored to offer her the opportunity to be the Head Coach at BCF! She will assume this role in September, and I’m excited to see us continue our pursuit of coaching excellence!
For the first time ever, we will have every BCF coach evaluated on a monthly basis to continue our development to serve our community with the best coaching possible! This is a big moment for our coaching team and will drive a level of coaching quality that is second to none – I’m excited!!
Over the past 5 years, it is really awesome to think about how far BCF has come as a coaching team. The quality, experience and depth of the team is the best it has ever been – and I am thankful to all of our coaches who work so hard to deliver coaching excellence to our athletes!
– Tucker

Front Squat/Back Squat Cycle
6 x 2/4 @ 98%
Rest 3:00″

“Open Wod 12.1″
Max Burpees to 6” Target

Compare: 1/6/2016