Stephanie Percoco


Stephanie Percoco

Hi! My name is Stephanie Percoco and I joined Ballston CrossFit in August 2020 as a way to get back on track with my health and fitness. Also, I needed a social outlet during the pandemic. Growing up, I was a competitive figure skater and was part of the color guard in my high school’s marching band. I always considered myself active, competitive, somewhat health conscious and involved, but not someone who was particularly super athletic.  I couldn’t keep up with skating after college so as a way to keep myself “in shape” I would lift weights in the gym. I wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted which often left me feeling unmotivated. It was a negative mindset to have. Also, working out alone is really boring. 

In 2018, I moved to New York City to pursue my dreams of working in TV and film, but the job was really intense and I stopped caring about my health. My plan was to get myself to the gym, but I was so tired after work and I was always anxious my boss would call me with some fire to put out so I didn’t go. Working in entertainment can sometimes be a 24/7 job. I gained weight and was the heaviest I’d ever been in life. Then the pandemic happened. The industry shut down and I had to move home. It was time to really reflect on where I was going in life and I decided that I really needed to make some changes both physically and mentally. Once I was settled into my new job working in healthcare, I realized that I just really missed the 5 day/week routine of having an activity that I enjoyed and that made me feel challenged. 

CrossFit was always something I wanted to at least try and I had known about BCF from when I lived in Arlington previously. I doubted myself, but there was something inside me that just knew I should go for it. I had nothing to lose.  At first, I was super insecure and felt awkward being around such a strong group of athletes. After seeing them push through a workout there was no way I was ever going to be able to do that, but instead of giving up, I used it as an opportunity to work on my insecurities. It is we who must not judge the act, but rather see the edge being met. Stay at the edge and do not judge the feat that brings you to the edge. It’s only the edge that matters.

Since joining BCF and with the help of their excellent coaching staff and community, I have lost 30lbs and am in the best shape I have ever been in.  I can squat 160lb, bench 100lb and I am close to getting a pull up. I even completed my first “Murph” this year. The community is so supportive and even if you sometimes get confused by the structure of the workout, like me,  the coaches are always there to help guide you. CrossFit has become my therapy, a place to hold myself accountable and a place where I find community of which I feel a part of. It’s given me a space to push myself beyond my comfort zone and to work hard to make my goals a reality. I am so grateful for what I have learned from the coaches and I am looking forward to continuing making progress.