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IMG_7649My fitness journey started after college.  I played club lacrosse at Radford University, and back then I thought I was in shape.  What I didn’t realize was working at a deli and eating lots of free pizza caused me to put on a lot of weight.

Now I did the typical things most people due to get into shape, I lifted, I ran.  That lead to my first 5k which lead to my first triathlon.  I had a blast training, but I saw little improvement in my strength, cardio, and agility.  I had bad knees, bad ankles, and a bad back.  I just said I was getting old, and that was it.  I was about to give up on just being athletic.

I said I would try CrossFit, starting with the 6 class Foundations and then give this CrossFit thing one month.  That was almost three years ago now. I also said I would never let myself get “too into CrossFit.”  Well, so much for that,
I will be doing my fifth competition this month! When I started I never thought I would do half the stuff that I have achieved.  That is all thanks to Tucker and his staff.  I have learned that fitness is a journey and not everyone is the same.  I say this because I know when I started I was hard headed, and I tried to cut corners by avoiding listening to technique, not doing mobility in my off time and avoiding yoga.  It wasn’t working then I realized I wasn’t listening to what the coaches were saying.  Then I checked my ego at the door and started to  listen to the coaches at BCF.  As I begun to open up and ask questions to truly understand the movements, I begun to realize I was limited from years of bad fitness advice from around the water cooler.  Fitness should be fun, and when I was trying it on my own, it wasn’t fun, and I didn’t get any better.11393484_10101349948624243_4731686553273518129_o

CrossFit, just like anything in life is about the fundamentals.  Personally, that is what I love about the process, technique work and mobility are the key to getting better.  It can be a long process if you are an old broken down lacrosse player like I was when I came through those doors.

I would never say that I’m a “success story,” I just came to try CrossFit for a month and I wanted to see if I would like the results.  I weighed 196 lbs when I started crossfit, this past week I weighed in at 177 lbs, the lightest (and leanest) I’ve been since high school.  I was wearing a size 36 jeans when I started at BCF, last month I bought a size 32.  I can say crossfit changed my life, I’m 32 years old I’m in the best shape of my life and I don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon thanks to the amazing community of friends I’ve made.  So if you have read this far, why not give CrossFit a try?  Just one month and see what happens.


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