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Monday, March 6,2017

BCF – the building engineer just came out regarding the heat. Unfortunately, the electronic control is broken and this could take a few days to fix (company coming out Monday but will likely take a few days to get parts, repair, etc). Please dress accordingly (especially morning classes)!


Strength for the week
Monday: Deadlift
Tuesday: Hand Power Clean
Wednesday: Push Jerk
Thursday: Snatch
Friday: TBD
Saturday: Open WOD 17.3
Sunday: Front Squat



ODD: 5 Deadlifts @ 75-80%
Even: 5 Tall Box Jumps

3-6-9-12, etc
C2B Pull ups, Fx: Pull ups
Thrusters 95/65 Fx: 75/55
Box Jumps 24/20

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