Monday, February 1, 2016


Monday, February 1, 2016

*TONIGHT*  6:45pm-8:00pm— Dan Alcorn and Lauren Cary of The Jackson Clinics Physical Therapy will host an injury/movement screen for the BCF athletes. Sign up here to reserve your time slot!
Who should sign up?
– athletes with any current injuries
– anyone interested in identifying potential flexibility/mobility issues that may affect his or her ability to properly perform CrossFit movements/lifts

We have exciting news! You can now download Zen Planner’s mobile app to view our calendar and book classes from your phone!
You will now be able to do the following from the app:
  • Reserve a class, add yourself to a waitlist and cancel your reservation
  • View all class information, including: Name, Description & Spaces Remaining
  • View Instructor Pictures
  • View “Who’s Coming” to classes
Click on the icons below to view the Zen Planner app in the iTunes or Google Play store.  If you have any questions concerning the app, you can access the help documentation here.
We hope you enjoy the app!

February means Valentine’s Day…If you happen to be single this year, join Swolemates at Humble Beast on February 27, 2016 for an enthralling evening full of redemption. Swolemates Events will make Valentine’s Day fun for singles again! Prospective Swolemates should come ready for a modest workout. But we’re more focused on the fun – especially for all those that arrive dressed in their finest Valentine’s Day inspired workout gear.
Don’t forget to sign up for the Route 7 Rumble! April 23, 2016 Be a part of the inaugural competition at CrossFit Route 7 and compete either as an individual or a part of a team!
Back Squat
5 x 2 @ 90%

4 rounds:
Min 1: 5 Deadlifts 275/185 FX: 185/125  (athletes may go heavier, use discretion)
Min 2: 5 Strict HSPU, FX: 6 Kipping HSPU (female Abmat)
Min 3: 3/2 Rope Climbs FX: 3 Supine Rope pull w/high knees (REMEMBER: Tall socks or sweatpants to protect your legs!)