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image1-3I thought I was an active person coming out of college playing both ice hockey and lacrosse. I found my workouts were pretty basic not exciting and I would attend some classes at my local gyms through the years but had no push or drive.  Not being in my best shape I had a hockey injury that lead to a torn labrum in my le
ft hip followed by a herniated disc in the L4-L5 area of my back all within 3 months in 2012. I thought I would have a tough time playing hockey again let alone getting back into a gym setting. Of course after both surgeries and some lengthy rehab I started to run and bike and lift weights again but I wasn’t finding that my energy, strength
and my appearance were improving. I heard about CrossFit and decided to shop around to make sure I felt it was a good fit with all the pros & cons I had heard. I was hooked the moment Tucker lead me through the free WOD on a Saturday which was only 9 mins long. The feeling I felt that day and just the few words of motivation that Tucker showed in that  “free” session confirmed this was a good fit. This interval training was exactly what I needed and wanted. Along with a community of athletes who are seeking the same goals and carry the same drive to be their best.

I have been at Ballston CrossFit since January 2014 and I am fully committed due to the amazing coaching and the variety of workouts. I was able to join the Nutritional challenge which is something I wanted to build into this routine and I was astonished by the results in just one month losing 10 lbs. The best part about the Nutritional Challenge was that it has become a part of my thought process for everything going into my body now and I continued to stay true to the diet and workouts and as a result have lost over 25 lbs since Jan 2015. I ran in my first Half-Marathon in May and have started to motivate my family and friends to push themselves into opening there minds to healthier eating and engage in more exercise. I have seen gains in strength and feel the best I have in a very long time.
The credit goes to Tucker and his coaches for pushing me beyond my comfort zone all while making sure I am doing all exercises correctly. Their knowledge and training continues to add years to my life and I look forward to setting more goals that I can crush in along the way

Hope this motivates someone!


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