Colleen Geasey


Colleen Geasey

Q: How did you find out about Ballston CrossFit and what about it convinced you to join? 

Before coming to BCF I did lots of pilates/barre/etc and felt like I had reached the ceiling with how hard those kinds of workouts could be because of how repetitive it was. A former roommate who knew I was getting bored with my workout routine (and was a member at BCF and loved it) suggested I join. 

Q: What stopped you from coming in sooner?

I was afraid of my own inexperience. I needed to be told a bunch that being able to do dozens of pullups was not, in fact, a prerequisite. 

Q: What has helped you achieve success at BCF?

From myself – consistency. 
From BCF – knowledgeable coaches who are accommodating and can cater to everyone, regardless of your experience level. 

Q:What advice can you give to others that are new to CrossFit?

Be patient! Expecting to get a new skill or see tremendous progress overnight is unreasonable; meaningful progress takes time. And don’t cherry pick the workouts; wanting to skip the ones you don’t like is probably a signal those are the things you should work on.   

Q: Besides working out, what other lifestyle changes did you make outside of the gym to achieve your goals? 

I started being more mindful of rest/recovery/sleeping more and started drinking less. In the past couple years I also got into long distance cycling, running, and triathlons. I ran a marathon, did my first century ride, did my first sprint triathlon, and then eventually worked up to a half ironman and full ironman this year.  

Q: What benefits have you noticed since starting CrossFit both in or out of the gym?

 I think the strength training/cross training through crossfit made a really big difference in terms of injury prevention for the long distance events/races I did outside the gym. Overuse injuries are super common (and had been an issue for me in the past) but with the consistent strength and mobility work through BCF, I was able to avoid that.  

Q: What has been your favorite thing about Ballston CrossFit?

The people – being around like minded members and coaches who are mentally and physically strong, disciplined, competitive, supportive, and always celebrate each other’s wins.  It’s made coming to work out something I get to do rather than something I have to do.