Stacey Barrack


Stacey Barrack



Coaching since November 2020

With Ballston CrossFit since April 2017.

Growing up, I played every sport imaginable – baseball, softball, volleyball, track & field, gymnastics, surfing, yoga – without ever being a master at one, except maybe karate, which I trained for 15+ years. I was always active yet never found a sport that grabbed my attention the way CrossFit has. The constantly varied, competitive nature of CrossFit, coupled with the amazing community at BCF, is why I’m excited to share the knowledge I’ve learned with others at our box by being a coach.

CrossFit has helped me dial in my nutrition, let go of years of unhealthy habits, and transition into a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle. My CrossFit journey started in 2017 when I joined BCF through its New You program, and I haven’t looked back. So thankful I found BCF!

The day I came in to interview with the coaches, the class was working on rope climbs. Rope climbs had always eluded me and I wanted to run a Spartan race where I actually completed the rope climb rather than the 30-burpee penalty (which isn’t much of a penalty if you love burpees like I do!). I was sold – signed up for the 6-week New You program on the spot. It was the best decision I’ve made for my health and wellbeing in years!

During the initial 6 weeks, I was overwhelmed, yet excited. I saw strong women repping out pull-ups, lifting heavy weights and crushing the workouts. I wanted to be like them, to train at the same level they were – they were an inspiration and my motivation. During that initial 6 weeks, I felt sorer than I had in years and knew I had found the place I was looking for. The coaches not only cared about my goals, but also actually coached! They provided scaling options for everything and focused on form and technique over heavy lifting in order to prevent injury. I started feeling like an actual athlete again and I completely bought into the CrossFit hype. Now, as a coach, I’m excited to pass along the knowledge my coaches shared with me to the BCF community to help others progress in their fitness journeys and crush their fitness goals.

Everyone’s fitness and health journey is personal – but by maintaining commitment and surrounding yourself with a supportive network, like BCF, there is no doubt that you will reach your personal goals. As a coach, I’m excited for where this journey will take us. I’m here to help –feel free to ask me anything if you see me around the gym!

I hold the following certifications and accomplishments:

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CF-L1
  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, CF-L2
  • Power Monkey Fitness Gymnastics Seminar- Coached by Olympian Dave Durante
  • Power Monkey Fitness Weightlifting Seminar- Coached by Mike Cerbus and Olympian Cheryl Haworth
  • Coaching with US Olympian Cara Heads (
  • TGC Level 1