Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Free Trial Bootcamp Class at 6:30pm. Anyone interested in trying out a CrossFit class is welcome to come check out what BCF has to offer!!

Hang Power Snatch
1×3 @65%, 1×3 @70%, 3×3 75%

60 Double-Unders
30 Alternating Reverse Lunges Front Racked Barbell (95/65) (Fx: 75/55)
30 Alternating Single-Arm Dumbbell Snatches (50/35) (Fx: 35/20)

Current Programming Block:

Starting Monday, September 10 we will begin a new block of programming at BCF and CF Route 7. This programming block will be 6 weeks long ending on October 20. It will be running in conjunction with our series of weightlifting seminars and conclude on the day of our weightlifting meet at CrossFit Route 7. You can read more about and sign up for the seminars and meet here:
The goal for this block of programming will be to increase our peak strength and power specific to the snatch and clean and jerk. During this time, our approach to the conditioning portion of our program will be mostly unchanged from our previous three month block.
The reasons for the direction of our programming for this 6 weeks are as follows:

  • You have all increased your work capacity for moving heavier weights and also increased your muscle mass over the past 3 months. We will continue to develop these attributes by lifting heavier weights at a lower volume (less reps/set).
  • You have all made big improvements in your technique on your Olympic lifting movements (Snatch and clean and jerk). We are going to use these newly refined techniques to help you all lift heavy weight efficiently and safely.
  • We would love to see big participation for our weightlifting seminars and our weightlifting meet at CrossFit Route 7. This block of programming will help reinforce the skills covered in the seminars and help to prepare you for competing at the meet.

Some overall themes you can expect to see over the next six weeks are:

  • More Olympic lifting (Snatches and clean and jerks)
  • Full Olympic lifts (Squat cleans/snatches from ground, Split jerks, etc.)
  • Lower repetitions (1-5 rep range)
  • Frequent squatting (Back and front)

As we look to the rest of 2018 and into 2019 you can expect to see us continue building on the strength work that will happen in the next 6 weeks. Later in the fall you can expect the programming to transition toward peak strength and then prepping for the CrossFit Open. During our Open prep, you can expect a higher volume of intense conditioning work and CrossFit-specific skills.