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From Couch Potato to Crossfitter!

On New Years Day 2013 I walked into Ballston Crossfit for my first Foundations class as a 56 year old, out of shape, overweight couch potato with high cholesterol and high blood pressure. I was terrified, feeling like I had no business being in a place that had the words “elite fitness” in their mission statement. I was also VERY determined to find something that would work to help me gain a better level of fitness when nothing had done that for me in 56 years.

I can honestly say I found it!

14 months later, I am fitter, stronger, more mobile and 40 pounds lighter.

When I began, I could do very little and I made major adjustments to each and every workout. But, I showed up for 3 workouts every week, knowing that if I JUST SHOWED UP, I would improve my health and fitness levels.

It all came together when in July 2013 I took a 5 mile hike in Portofino, Italy, up and down the 550 ft. vertical cliffs, a physical task I would never have been fit enough to handle prior to Crossfitting.


In January 2013 when I began Crossfitting, I could not do one air squat.
I could not do one box jump.
I could not do one handstand.
I could perform none of the weight lifting movements.

Currently, My one rep max for dead lift is 145 lbs and just the other day I did 40 deadlifts at 80 lbs.

I can now do 80 air squats.
I can now do 50 box jumps.
And I can now do one handstand (with assistance getting up onto the wall, but hey, it still counts)

I am off all cholesterol meds and aiming to reduce the high blood pressure meds next. Other benefits include more stamina, better food choices, more alertness, and I am down three dress sizes.

With the help of the supportive coaching staff, especially the owner of BCF, Tucker Jones, I conquered my fears and have made remarkable progress! The incredible community of athletes at BCF has also cheered on my success every step of the way.

I also thank my son, Adam, who is a Crossfit coach. Without his encouragement I would have NEVER joined. I thought it was some extreme workout that only highly fit folks could do. I was wrong.

Can’t wait to update you on my progress at the end of year 2! Now I’m off to train towards my 200lb deadlift and handstand!

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