Ballston CrossFit » Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Jump in to our Skills Class at 12:30 today with Coach Kathleen, focusing on toes-to-bar and double unders!

At 4pm, come join us for a fun FREE Boot Camp workout followed by a casual discussion about faith. People of all fitness levels (CrossFit experience is not required) and religions are welcome! Bring along a friend (or 2)! After, we’ll grab dinner if interested in hanging out! We will be discussing the way social media impacts our real relationships (with God and people)!

Plan to arrive around 3:45pm so we can get started on time.

Bench Press 3 x 10 (ME)
Single Arm DB Row 3 x 10 (each side)


4 rounds:
16 DB Snatches 50/30, Fx: 35/20
20 Goblet Lunges* 50/30, Fx: 35/20
24 Double Unders

*in place lunges

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