Ballston CrossFit » Monday, November 7, 2016

Monday, November 7, 2016

Friday, Nov. 11: WOD for Warrors in honor of Veterans Day! Details Here

Saturday, Nov 12th: Rock Climbing at Earth Treks! 4 Р7pm. More details Here


Strength/Skill Schedule This Week

Monday: Back Squat
Tuesday: Bar Muscle Up
Wednesday: Deadlift
Thursday: Snatch
Friday: Veterans Day WOD for Warriors
Saturday: Push Jerk
Sunday: Front Squat


Back Squat:
5 x 2 @ 85-95%

KBS 32/24, Fx: 24/16
Goblet Squat 32/24, Fx: 24/16

Finisher: Skin the Cats

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