Monday, December 21, 2015


Monday, December 21, 2015

Sign up NOW for our 2016 Nutrition Challenge and Seminar!
Discounted Signup:  before Dec 24, $75
Regular Signup:  after Dec 24, $100

What makes this year’s challenge different? This year’s challenge is all about you, your specific needs, goals, and commitment.  In this individual challenge, you’ll still have support from other participants and coaches, and activities to motivate you to get the most from the challenge, while being able to focus on your own needs.
Two Levels
  • Rx:  Already advanced in your nutrition?  Get specific by tracking and controlling your macronutrient intake and watch your performance and other results soar!  You’ll get a baseline macro split specific to you for the 4 weeks of the program.
  • Fx:  New to adjusting your nutrition or just need to tidy up your intake?  Focus on eating a balance of quality food and feel and perform better.


High Hang Cleans (Squat)
6 x 2 (A)

Clusters 95/65, FX 75/55