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thumbnail-1I could not be happier or more excited with my transition 8 months ago starting with Ballston CrossFit and CrossFit as a workout overall. The Coaches at Ballston Crossfit have pushed me to truly make the most of the strength components each day and challenge my limits in every WOD. When I first started, I had no idea what an Clean and Jerk was, how to do a hand stand push up or work my way to completion with one, or how proper technique combined with mobility would help me with so many movements, even with everyday life! I can say that withhard work and 8 months Crossfitting and Coaching have truly paid off; I have increased my back squat and front squat 100 lbs, I can dead lift 300 lbs, double unders have become second nature (almost 100 unbroken), I can complete pull-ups and ring dips without bands, I can even do a hand stand pushup, and when I look at the WODs every day I say to myself “I can do that!” – all of these with even better accomplishments to come. Most of all, the community and Coaches at Ballston Crossfit have given me the confidence and competitive drive to take on the 2014 Open Workouts! Eight months ago I would not have imagined being here physically, mentally or competitively; now I look at each day thinking how am I going to get fitter, better and stronger every time I set foot in BCF! 3…2…1…GO!

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