Friday, March 27, 2020


Friday, March 27, 2020

Virtual Classes!

CrossFit – 12:00PM JOIN HERE

COVID – 19 Shutdown Update:

BCF Community,

First, we wanted to thank you all for your continued support during this difficult time. It is safe to say that it has certainly been challenging for everyone. Despite this, we are committed to continue to work hard for all of you (and also to continue paying our full time staff) and reopening a new and improved BCF as soon as it is deemed safe to do so by the government. In the meantime, here is what we are doing to make BCF better and continue to support the health and fitness of our members:

Make BCF Brand New Again:
– Deep clean of the entire gym (including power washing our rubber flooring)
– Fresh paint job for the entire gym
– Repaired foam rollers and other projects you’ll be excited about

Supporting Your Fitness:
– Equipment loaned out to members (if you are one of the people who were able to get some equipment please share with 1-2 BCF friends)
– Virtual Workouts (Daily CrossFit, Yoga 3x/week starting this Thurs, Weekly Core Blast)
– Links to join classes via Zoom will be in daily WOD posts
– Starting next week, Virtual Class schedule will be in Zen Planner and included on Monday WOD posts starting next week

As we continue working through this shutdown please let us know of any suggestions you have for how we can better serve our community. We are very excited to reopen and work out with you all again!

We especially want to thank you who are keeping your memberships active during this shutdown, this is a huge help for us to alleviate the financial burden of our fixed costs that remain constant during this difficult time. This situation has been especially difficult for small businesses, if you are able to find a way to support other small business in your neighborhood, we strongly encourage you all to do so to help them weather the storm and stay in business.

Thank you and stay healthy!!!


1: Max Reps Russian Kettlebell Swings
2: Rest

If you do not have a kettlebell, use whatever swingable object that you have around your house. Get creative!

4 Rounds
10 Pike Push Ups
20 Lunge + Lunge + Squats
40 Jumping Jacks