Beth & Simson


Beth & Simson

Q: How did you find out about Ballston CrossFit and what about it convinced

you to join?

Beth: I joined because Simson was so into it and because we became social

with someone else who did CrossFit. I took the Sunday yoga class for about 

a year before that, so I was BCF-adjacent, kind of watching it warily. But other

people convinced me that even I – middle-aged and overweight with bad knees

and no flexibility – could handle it.

Simson: I posted on Facebook that I had broken three ribs and been

diagnosed with osteoporosis. Many friends warned me about taking the

bisphosphonate drugs that my endocrinologist wanted me to take. My doctor

suggested running, but I found it boring. One of my former students saw the

post and suggested that I try BCF—my student knew Tucker and said he had a

good operation. So basically, I started going to BCF because I was tired of

breaking my ribs.


Q:When did you start at BCF and what were your goals going into it?

Beth: I took the Foundations class twice in the summer of 2019, and even

before that I trained with Coach Brandon twice a week for 10 weeks just to get

to the point where I could even do Foundations. I had no idea what my goals

were, except somehow to be fitter and maybe do something about my knees.

Simson: I took Foundations twice in August and September 2017. I was still

having issues, so I took a month of personal training in October 2017. Fortunately

I didn’t need to take Foundations for a third time. My first regular class was

October 14, 2017.


Q: What has helped you achieve success at BCF?

Beth: Fear. Most days I still come in terrified about the WOD, afraid I’m going

to make a fool of myself – or fail completely, be last, or injure myself somehow.

But I just keep coming, modifying the heck out of a workout if I have to. The

immense pride and exhilaration I feel when I do better than last time, or get Fx

on a METCON, or just transcend my own physical and age-related limitations

keep me coming back (so does the competition with Simson).

Simson: Fear of breaking more bones.


Q: What advice can you give to others that are new to CrossFit?

Beth: Don’t quit! Believe in yourself and your abilities. Most of the time you

can achieve more than you think you can. Also, ask the coaches how they can

help you stay focused, competitive and safe. They are amazing resources.

Simson: Number 1 rule: Don’t get hurt. Number 2 rule: Form matters more

than weight.


Q: Besides working out, what other lifestyle changes did you make outside of

the gym to achieve your goals?

Beth: I lost about 15 lbs. in 2021, and I’m still working on that. I try to get 8

hours of sleep every night. Right now, I’m trying to understand macros,

particularly how to get more protein without a lot of fat and without whey protein

and chicken breasts, because I’m not a fan of either.

Simson: I lost 10 lbs in 2021 and I’m trying to lose more. I try to get 6 hours of

sleep every night.


Q: What has been your favorite thing about Ballston CrossFit?

Beth: Do I have to narrow it to one thing? The workouts are never boring. I am

constantly challenged without feeling shamed. And I feel so proud of the people

around me becoming fitter and stronger, particularly when they join right out of


Simson: The coaching is superlative. I’ve dropped in on perhaps six other

CrossFit gyms, and BCF is the best. I also find that the people are amazingly