Zac Porter


Zac Porter

Q: How did you find out about Ballston CrossFit and what about it convinced you to

I found out about Ballston CrossFit while doing an online search for gyms in the area. I wanted to find a place that focused on weightlifting (I had never done it before) and saw amazing reviews!

Q: When did you start at BCF and what were your goals going into it?

I began at the end of August 2022, right before I was starting school, and my goal was to have an outlet that would allow me to get out of the house, meet new people, and gain more muscle.

Q: What has helped you achieve success at BCF?

Consistency has been the key driving force behind my achievements at BCF. Additionally, I believe that the habit of asking questions has played a vital role. While the instructors possess exceptional expertise, my fellow CrossFit classmates have also played a significant part in my progress. They have not only guided me in mastering proper movement techniques but also provided unwavering support and motivation during classes, making them an integral factor in my overall success.

Q: What advice can you give to others that are new to CrossFit?

It’s important to prioritize learning and mastering the fundamental movements and techniques before diving into intense workouts. Take the time to understand proper form and technique for exercises. Building a solid foundation will help prevent injuries and lay
the groundwork for progress.

Q: Besides working out, what other lifestyle changes did you make outside of the gym to achieve your goals?

In addition to my workouts, I made a conscious effort to prioritize my sleep schedule. Recognizing the significance of adequate rest, I understood that achieving optimal performance required a well-rested body and mind. By focusing on improving my sleep habits, I ensured that I had the energy and mental clarity needed to excel in my CrossFit journey.

Q: What has been your favorite thing about Ballston CrossFit?

The camaraderie! Throughout my journey at Ballston CrossFit, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a multitude of incredible individuals, and their presence has become the highlight of my experience. Every time I walk through those doors, I eagerly anticipate reconnecting with familiar faces. Although I can specifically vouch for the welcoming atmosphere of the noon crowd, I must say that everyone in those classes exudes supportiveness and friendliness, making each session all the more enjoyable.