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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Join us Monday, May 2, 2016 at 7:30 pm for a Free Nutrition Seminar with Elite Nutrition. Read below for a preview: 

When knowing what to eat isn’t enough

Fitness is a nebulous term that means a lot of different things to different people. This is both good and necessary. The good in this comes from the fact that “fitness” is not a single destination point, but rather a continuum. You never “arrive” at a state of healthiness and then kick up your feet and say “I’ve made it.” More accurately, fitness is a way of being; it’s the sum total of your daily actions.

Another important component of fitness is that it is not domain-specific. In other words, the health of one part of your body or organ system does not exist in isolation from the other parts of you. Dental hygiene provides a wonderful example of this. The state of health of your mouth is inextricably related to the quality and consistency of your nutrition practices – you need a healthy mouth to eat nutritious food and you need nutritious food to have a healthy mouth.

Further, if you are having a dysfunction with your gut and digestive system, this could result in symptoms in your daily mood, skin, & much more. Health is a complex and broad interplay of variables across many disciplines – i.e. nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, dental hygiene, etc.

Given that a robust state of health depends on these 2 truths – your daily habits & the interconnected role of different health fields – it is imperative that we provide you with the knowledge & clarity on how to begin applying these inter-disciplinary principles.

Enter robust nutrition. A robust nutrition strategy goes beyond just looking at what you should be eating and addresses the importance of looking at your whole-self. Whole-self encompasses the traditional goals of nutrition like fat loss, muscle gain, & improved health while addressing the often undervalued consideration of how to eat without relying on a fitness app or counting macros. In other words, how to bridge the gap between your nutrition and lifestyle – aka, the ways in which you prefer to spend your time and energy.

Join us on Monday May 2nd @ 7:30pm as we discuss these lesser known elements of nutrition science that play a big role in attaining a higher standard of health & fitness. Learn more here—> Nutrition Seminar Sign Up Page.



Handstand Hold (no wall) and Handstand Walking


5 Rounds:
300 M Row Sprints
Rest 3:00
This is 100% all out effort


AB finisher

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