Sunday, June 26, 2016


Sunday, June 26, 2016

Yoga today at 10:00am with Lauren! Free for members, just $10 for friends!
Tomorrow night: 

Join BCF member Brandon and his business partner Christin Monday, June 27, from 6:00-8:00 pm for a tasting of Juice Plus products! If you enjoy what you try, you will also have the opportunity to purchase a variety of gummies, proteins, and bars! 
So, What Is Juice Plus?
Simply put, it is whole food nutrition. Their mission is to ‘Inspire Healthy Living Around The World’. Brandon states, “The best part of my job is helping to inspire people to eat better, live better, feel better. So we are not just all about our products. We really try to encourage people to Go Green and eat lots of fruits and vegetables and whole foods and share that with their families.”
Visit Brandon’s website to learn more about what Juice Plus is, how it is made, and read findings from their Clinical Research Studies:
 Or if you prefer to watch a video:
Juice Plus is for every person, but especially benefits athletes. It is often hard to consume the proper amount of nutrients to help recover after a lot of hard training and these products can help bridge the gap between what you eat now and what you need to have complete nutrition.
Juice Plus Capsules and Chewables (fruits and vegetables. no additives no preservatives no junk, NOT a supplement)
Complete whole food based Shakes and Bars, and our Tower Gardens (aeroponic tower where you can grow your own organic fruits and vegetables).

18 Minutes to find Heaviest Thruster Double
*From the floor

40 Double Unders
20 lateral Burpee box Jumps