Monday July 10, 2017


Monday July 10, 2017

Strength of the Week
Monday: Front Squat
Tuesday: “Lumberjack 20”
Wednesday: Deadlift
Thursday: Back and Front Squat
Friday: Snatch
Saturday: “Black Lung”
Sunday: Power Clean

Starting July 10th, we will be pursuing dominance over our Midline. Ensuring that we have trunk strength and stability as well as breath control under duress will create a more successful athlete and human. For the next eight weeks our leg strength will be a modified 7/13 Front Squat/Back Squat Cycle. After establishing a 1 Rep Max Front Squat, athletes will then take 90% (working max) and use it for percentage training over the next 8 weeks. Athletes will perform (4 x 7/13). 4 sets of 7 Front Squats then after racking the bar immediately go into 13 Back Squats (20 total reps each set) with 2:00 rest between sets. We will be squatting twice a week for alternating a Mon/Thur or Tues/Fri training week. This cycle will also support muscular endurance and hypertrophy (bigger stronger legs and butt).

For motivation and info please check out:

Week 1: Monday Establish 1RM Front Squat
             Thursday 4 x 7/13 @ 65%
Week 2: Tuesday 4 x 7/13 @ 70%
             Friday: 5 x 4/8 @ 73%
Week 3: Monday 5 x 4/8 @ 75%
             Thursday: 5 x 4/8 @ 78%
Week 4: Tuesday 5 x 4/8 @ 80%
             Friday: 6 x 3/6 @ 83%
Week 5: Monday 6 x 3/6 @ 85%
             Thursday: 6 x 3/6 @ 88%
Week 6: Tuesday 6 x 3/6 @ 90%
             Friday:6 x 2/4 @ 93%
Week 7: Monday 6 x 2/4 @ 95%
             Thursday: 6 x 2/4 @ 98%
Week 8: Tuesday 6 x 2/4 @ 98%
Friday: Establish a New 1 Rep Max

We will also tie in Finishers and movements in Wods that develop midline stability, scapular stability (shoulder blades), overhead loading and other movements in dynamic and static variations.

Athlete Notes: This starts fairly easy in weeks 1&2 but trust us, you’ll be really starting to work as the program builds each week! If you miss a day, you should attempt to stay on track.  You can fall into the cycle where needed if you miss a day. However if the percentages are too great for you to accomplish the 4 sets, back down the weight and complete.
*If you feel that the working Max (90% of 1RM is too low, you may increase).
*Use Open gym options to catch up/make up
*Mobilization and stretching of the Hamstrings, Quads, Calves and hip flexors are IMPORTANT! Please stay on top of this to ensure function, recovery and reduce Knee and hip issues.

Establish a 1RM
Front Squat

3 Rounds
25 Push Press 95/65, FX:75/55
50 Double Unders
25 Sit ups


Accumulate 3 min L-sit hold on rings or parallettes