Monday, August 3, 2015


Monday, August 3, 2015

BCF Loyalty program – we’ll have our drawing for July referrals at 6:30pm Monday night! Prizes will include: free month of membership, free personal training session, BCF Bottle Breacher bottle opener and other fun prizes! Eligible members are listed below:

Suzanne Luckman
Phil Crosby
Jill H
Aynsley H
Darrin L
Kelly Morrison

Remember to invite your friends to join us at the Saturday Free WOD! If they can’t make it on a weekend, you can also invite them to try out our Boot Camp class for free on Wed evening at 6:30pm!
Fitness & performance:
Kipping handstand pushup technique

Fitness & Performance
Deadlifts, 225/155
Handstand pushups
*Compare to 3/16/15

Finisher: Turkish Get-ups