Friday, January 2, 2015


Friday, January 2, 2015

Regular schedule is back in full effect today (and we WILL have yoga again starting this Sun at 10am)
Event reminders (reservations required):
Nutrition challenge kicks off Jan 7:
Women’s Self Defense Jan 10:

Body Composition Analysis Option!  Sign up TODAY!

As you CrossFit and work on your nutrition, some of you aim to lose weight, some of you aim to gain muscle mass, some to lean out, some to just perform better, etc.  Did you know a scale cannot distinguish between a pound of muscle and a pound of fat?  What you see on the scale and the mirror isn’t a complete picture.  Understanding your body composition can be extremely valuable for achieving peak performance. 
You now have an opportunity at the box to get your body composition analyzed!  DMC Measurements is setting up at BCF onJanuary 7 from 4pm-6:30pm for those of you that would like to take advantage of this option. DMC Measurements is providing this option to us a discounted rate of $50 for one reading and $90 for 2, if you’d like to do a before and after measurement.  To register for a time, follow the link below to see available slots then follow the link on that page to register.

Olympic Total:
Snatch, find heavy single
Clean & jerk, find heavy single
*Compare to 8/30/2014