Friday August 18, 2017


Friday August 18, 2017

BCF, I’m excited to officially announce that Alex G will be joining our coaching team! Alex brings incredible enthusiasm for CrossFit (she got hooked in high school) and brings considerable knowledge (Doctorate of Physical Therapy) and experience (5+ years coaching) to our coaching team! Welcome her warmly as you start to see her transition from BCF athlete to coach!

I started CrossFit back in 2009 as a senior in high school. It was definitely “love at first workout,” although I did find it difficult to sit in a chair those first few days. After 8 years, a few cross-country moves, and a couple of more letters after my name I am still working out fives day a week at CrossFit. I knew I wanted to dive deeper into the community and decided to pursue coaching in 2012. This also led to my desire to become a Physical Therapist. These two fields go hand-in-hand and with each class I teach, I become more fascinated by the power of human movement. My most exciting CrossFit moment was competing at the 2015 Central Regional on a team. CrossFit has led me to lifelong friends, my husband, and a new level of fitness I never thought possible. Ballston CrossFit exemplifies the community of CrossFit and I cannot wait to put my mark on its athletes!
I hold the following qualifications:
CF Level 1 Trainer
CF Level 2 Trainer
CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification
Doctorate of Physical Therapy

Front Squat/Back Squat Cycle
6 x 2/4 @ 93%
Rest 2:00″

Plank on Elbows
*Perform a 200 m Run each time Plank is broken