The Reality of CrossFit Training


The Reality of CrossFit Training

Our very own, Tucker Jones is highlighted in the article below that talks about the realities of CrossFit training! #realnews
“The good news? CrossFit isn’t as dangerous as you’ve heard.”

Tucker – “I believe that CrossFit is extremely safe and effective when the CrossFit movements and workouts are performed under the eye of a highly-qualified coach with well designed programming/workouts,” adds Tucker Jones (owner of Ballston CrossFit and CrossFit Route 7). 
When looking for a gym, here are the questions Jones says you should ask to make sure it’s the right fit for you (because not all gyms are created equal):

  • What are the qualifications of the coaches?
  • What is the class schedule? (See if it works logistically)
  • Who creates the gym programming and what is the focus?
  • What do the owner(s) and coaches do to build the community at the gym? 
  • May I meet a member who has achieved similar goals to what I’m looking to achieve?

Is CrossFit as Dangerous as You Think? We Looked at the Latest Information.