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Success Stories

“Mom” Allyn Jones

64 years young and getting stronger every day! I came from a fairly active group class at a regional gym where all around aerobics, body and hand weights were our medium.   Except for a torn rotator cuff that kept me from many movements and a knee that hurt to bend I thought I was phy
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Meg Krasenics

After graduating college and moving 300 miles away from home, I found myself in a fitness rut. This was the first time in eighteen years that I was not a part of a team and felt lost without the support and bond of a team , which I had grown accustomed to while running cross country a
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Chris Goodenow

To say I’m happy with the changes I’ve seen in my mental and physical condition since I started coming to BCF would be an understatement.  When I first walked through the doors, I was on a host of medications for cholesterol, heartburn, and blood sugar, and my doctor was about to add
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James Ursini

I could not be happier or more excited with my transition 8 months ago starting with Ballston CrossFit and CrossFit as a workout overall. The Coaches at Ballston Crossfit have pushed me to truly make the most of the strength components each day and challenge my limits in every WOD. Wh
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Keith Willis

It is not an exaggeration to say I’m not a gifted athlete. I was always the spaz that the other athletes would run right by. My solution was to give up and over the years I got fat. I spent many years struggling with my weight through exercise and diets. I trudged for hours on robotic
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Erin Bird

Like a lot if people, I was a slave to cardio and thought it was the end all, be all for weight loss. I would spend hours and hours on the treadmill, running outside and on the elliptical with little success. One marathon, 3 half marathons and several other road races down, I was bore
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Rachel Everett

I’ve tried a lot of fitness regimens, and a couple of CrossFit gyms. But I really found a home at Ballston CrossFit. The coaching is tremendous and the community is really something special. When I think of my CrossFit “success story,” a big theme is the support I’ve found at BCF. Let
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Shelese Lyng

After years of strenuous and competitive athletics I took a much needed break. Still young, I could eat whatever I wanted and do random runs/workouts at local gyms and still remain fit. Time went on and those things didn’t become as easy to do. When I did go to the gym I would definit
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Valerie Garcia

From Couch Potato to Crossfitter! On New Years Day 2013 I walked into Ballston Crossfit for my first Foundations class as a 56 year old, out of shape, overweight couch potato with high cholesterol and high blood pressure. I was terrified, feeling like I had no business being in a plac
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