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2018 Nutrition Challenge – The 30-Day Reset

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Welcome in a new you for the new year! The 2018 nutrition challenge kicks off in just over 3 weeks, grab your spot while you can (register through Zen Planner). Our 2018 challenge should be considered a reset, a way to allow participants to get their healthy lifestyle on track to start the new year off right. Nutrition is a key component in fitness; you can’t out-train a bad diet. This is not simply about the number on the scale – this is for anyone and everyone looking to make positive changes to their health, fitness, and lifestyle. Through understanding nutrition you can make these changes to improve your performance, energy, mood, sleep, body fat percentage, health biomarkers, and more.

Prizes include:
– Top M/F winners of the challenge will receive a $100 Mighty Meals coupon and 1/2 off their next month’s membership
– 2nd runner’s up (M/F) will receive $50 Territory coupon and $25 Reebok gift card
– All participants can take advantage of discounts for both Mighty Meals (25% off) and Territory Meals (10% off) throughout the challenge
– Top M/F with the greatest positive body composition change will receive gift cards from Composition ID (must participant in DEXA scan)



What the 30-Day Reset IS:
• Figure out what works for YOUR body.
• Understand your food choices.
• Understand the HOW and WHY.

What the 30-Day Reset ISN’T:
• Quick fix
• Counting/measuring
• “Dieting”

Prizes and Benefits:
• Prizes include Territory meals, Reebok gift card, 1/2 off your next month of membership
• Benefits include more energy, improved athletic performance, better digestion, and increased quality of sleep

Jan 9, 7:30pm – BCF kickoff seminar
Jan 13, 8am-12pm – Body comp test
Jan 15, all day – Baseline workout
Feb 12, all day – Workout re-test
Mar 10, 8am-12pm – Body comp re-test

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