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January Nutrition Program – 2020


Ready to build a strong foundation that focuses on the foods that are best for YOU and are easy to eat on a regular basis?

This program includes weekly lessons with action steps, weekly meal plans with recipes, 3 coaching calls with Megan, on going support in a private Facebook group, and all the tools and strategies you need for your long-term health.

This is not a dieting program or 6 weeks of cutting calories and depriving yourself. You’re going to learn how to eat based on your goals, how to make it work with your lifestyle and preferences, and how to eat in a way that supports overall health.

You’ll get guidance and feedback to know how to reach your short-term goals, while getting the tools and strategies for your long-term health.

This is for you if:

✅You have an aesthetic, performance, or health goal

✅You feel overwhelmed by the amount of nutritional information out there

✅You’ve tried programs that don’t feel sustainable long-term

✅You know what you need to be doing but need more action steps and accountability

And for those who:

✅Want to reach their short-term goals without sacrificing their long-term health

✅Are invested in creating a healthy lifestyle for themselves

✅Want to improve your eating and lifestyle habits for the long-term

✅Want an integrated, holistic approach to their health, including sleep, exercise, and stress

This program is NOT for you if you’re not open to learning, don’t want to make changes right now, just want to follow a strict set of “diet” rules, or don’t have any time to commit to your health.

What’s included:

  • Weekly meal plans with recipes that you can adjust based on your goals
  • 3 group coaching calls to discuss topics, challenges, wins, and answer questions
  • Weekly lessons for extra guidance and information on why you’re making specific changes
  • Specific ideas on how to efficiently “meal prep” with tips for short cuts and making your food taste delicious (NO boring chicken breast and broccoli meals here)
  • Tips for eating out and drinking alcohol
  • Guidance on how to navigate social situations, work events, and travel.
  • How to tweak and customize your plan so you can find long-term balance
  • Guidance on how to improve your gut health and your sleep
  • Additional recommended readings and resources (for the people who really want to nerd out and learn more)
  • Private Facebook group with other January course participants to share ideas, meals, challenges, etc


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